Wagon Rides / Sleigh Rides (only holds 12)- $105.00/hour holds 14 passengers.

Get a group of family and friends together to enjoy the old fashion wagon.  As you take your ride through Rockwood Park you driver will give you some history of the wonderful Park.
In the winter you can take a sleigh ride instead and enjoy the beauty of Rockwood Park as its sparkles with the snow.

Trolley tours – $226.00 Narrated Tour of Uptown Saint John.

Enjoy the pace of yesterday as your horses and driver take you though some of the historic areas of our uptown while your tour guide entertains you with the colorful stories of Saint John and its history.

Pony Rentals for your special Event starts $158.20/hour

Having a birthday party or an employee’s family appreciation party and want something fun for the kids have us bring a pony to you.  We can decide what you will need depending the size or budget of you party.

Boarding – $300.00/month.

Monthly board covers free range hay, water, and feed.Looking for a fun, relaxing place for you and your horse Rockwood Park is a great place.  Only minutes from downtown, located in the middle of the city, Rockwood Park has 2200 acres with plenty of trails to ride.  We share the trails with all users so be polite and meet some new friends.

Leasing of Horses: Half lease $180.00/month – Full Lease $305.00/month

Half lease includes shoeing.  Lease half the month means you can use the odd days of the month or even day and those are you days to ride. It also gives you access to take the horse property for horse shows.

Full lease requires you to pay for shoeing. The horse is yours to use every day. It also allows you to take the horse off property to horse shows.